Jupiter IV

Jupiter IV

Jupiter IV


Set in the 2070’s, this story transports the reader billions of miles across the Solar System, from Earth, to Mars, to Jupiter and back again. You will learn the purpose of an alien structure discovered on Mars 25 years earlier and of one discovered in North Africa nearly a century before that. With Augie Rodriguez, boy scout, Mars Colonist, mutineer, diplomat, chess player and math genius as your tour guide, you will enjoy the action, romance and a peppering of science that fill this exciting journey. Look for the fully illustrated E-Book edition in May of 2011!

Below are links to excerpts from several chapters of the book. The text is accompanied by a relevant illustration.

Copernicus to Clavius

Down the Cable!

Medical Emergency

Track of the Galileo Mission

The Oberth Effect

Newton’s Cannon






Jupiter Space

The Other Galilean Moons


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