Medical Emergency

“Anybody else have a strange feeling? I mean that it feels like the ground is moving underneath us, like an earthquake. Don’t you feel that?”

I stopped walking and turned around just in time to see Yuri pitch over to his right and fall in slow motion to the floor of the cave. Both Katya and Jamie reached for him as he landed. As the leader, my suit was hooked into the telemetry of the suits of the other team members, and alarms went off just as I turned. Yuri was down, both girls leaned over him, so I quickly scanned the telemetry. His blood pressure had jumped above the safe range and his heart rate was up as well, but there was no indication of malfunction in his suit.

“Gunderson team, do you read me?”

It was the safety officer who monitors when anyone is outside the station.

“I read you, Alex. Yuri lost his balance and fell. My readings show elevated blood pressure and heart rate but no suit failure.”

“Same here, Augie. The physio computer indicates a high probability of cerebral blockage, a blood clot. You won’t have what you need in your suit kits, so you have to get him back to the rover as quickly as possible. Bad luck that this should happen on an EVA. How long to get him into the rover?”

Excerpt from Chapter V: The View from Valhalla

Artwork by Joe Hardwick

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