The Man Who Conquered Mars

The Man Who Conquered Mars

The Man Who Conquered Mars

Ride with Anastasia Konstantinova across hundreds of miles of desert, go spelunking in ancient caves, endure a solar storm, meet a Martian dust devil and experience life as a Mars Colonist. Ana, along with her friends Andy and Bob, become embroiled in political intrigue, fight in a revolution, explore the natural world of Mars, face the dangers of colonizing another planet using the technology of 2052, as well as execute an exciting rescue of the crew of a crashed spacecraft. Together, they must also solve the mystery of who built a recently discovered alien structure and who left a human artifact there a hundred years before. As the object of the affections of her two young friends, Ana must also resolve the problem posed by a romantic triangle. The reader may be surprised by her solution and will enjoy the action, adventure and lively dialog in this upbeat, swiftly paced story.

In September of 2010, this book will be available in both print as well as e-book versions. All images, text and other content contained within this site that are a part of the novel The Man Who Conquered Mars are protected by U.S. Copyright. No transcription, download or other reproducion of these materials is permitted without the expressed written consent of the owner/author.

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The Mars Rover

Areology and Areography


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