Footprints In Red

Footprints In Red

Open this book and experience these unusual and thought provoking stories about the exploration and settlement of Mars.

The Mars Corporation is establishing a permanent colony on Mars. Hector Rodriguez along with Helen Meers are tasked with constructing the human habitats and support facilities from Earth-using robots. Mars colony will be up and running before Hector and forty-nine other intrepid pioneers arrive at their new home.  And home it will be: because this is a one-way trip!

Rocky and Augie passed their Scout First Aid class, but their skills are put to the test when a medical emergency arises during an overnight campout in a Martian cave.

Aviation pioneer Titus Andronicus Scott perished in 1956 when an experimental aircraft he was flying crashed into the Pacific Ocean. Or did he? Neither Scott nor his aircraft were ever found. Learn the story behind the story in this biographical mystery.

Who is that woman in the back seat of the Mars rover and why is she clutching a metal cylinder so tightly? Join four Mars colonists as they travel across the vast Martian desert on a mysterious mission.

Elderly shipping tycoon Andrew Smithers recalls his long life as a Mars colonist while exploring a cavern he visited as a young man. See what the next century of life on Mars couldbe like through the eyes of one who lived it.

Stand by for five exciting tales from the Martian past and future! This book is available at both Amazon and Smashwords.

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