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The Eisenhower Doctrine

I feel it is time for us to extricate ourselves from these overseas commitments and advanced troop dispositions in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. I am totally sick of spending mountains of money and spilling barrels of blood just to stabilize world oil prices. If the price goes up, then let it. Ingenuity will then find ways to power our economy with something besides oil.

We need to bolster our strategic defenses and dump the new start treaty which was a very bad deal. We traded 700 real deployed US weapons for 700 non-existent (except on paper) Russian weapons. I’m all for reducing the number of weapons, but we needed to get something for what we gave up and we didn’t. It’s time to re-institute the old Eisenhower Doctrine of massive retaliation. No president should ever even hint that he is reluctant to use nuclear weapons. Ike faced down the Chinese twice, once to end the Korean War, and once to deter the invasion of Quemoy and Matsu, by keeping a poker face and letting others suggest that he might use nukes. We won’t need a three ocean Navy and a two simultaneous conflict Army to do this because we simply won’t be doing any of that anymore. The cost savings will be significant and help reduce the budget deficit and the import/export deficit.