The Future Revisited

The Future Revisited

The Future Revisited

Stand by for four exciting tales from the Martian past and future! Two Andy Andersen novellas as well as a short story and novella on the Alien Artifact timeline make up this collection of science fiction by the author of The Man Who Conquered Mars, Jupiter IV, Footprints in Red, Zachary Dixon: Officer Apprenticeas well as several SF short stories and We Are the Martians, a non-fiction book about exploring Mars.

Open this book and experience these unusual and thought provoking stories!

Ribbon to the Sky-A rogue asteroid threatens all life on Earth! Ascend the fabulous space elevator with Captain Andy Anderson on a mission with a group of scientists to investigate Scranton Asteroid, a mission that leads to an amazing discovery. When Andy discovers a sinister plot to sabotage the mission, only a race against time can save the day.

Dangerous Passage-Andy Andersen reprises her role as ship’s captain, this time commanding a luxury liner on a routine run to Mars, routine, that is, until she receives a message: “If possible, could we meet privately, ASAP?” (Signed) Chief Steward Frizzell. Then the voyage becomes anything but routine.

Tenderfoot-An immigrant boy quickly learns that his new home on Mars is a long way from Kolkata. Kumar Sharma is not a happy camper when he discovers that he has lost his Scout ranking and is a Tenderfoot again.

Mission: Mars– Travel with Dr. Helen Meers as she directs the robotic construction of Schiaparelli Station, Mars first human settlement; and eventually becomes a settler herself. Meet robotics tycoon, Bill Mayfield, and the handsome former Marine, Hector Rodriguez, who also appears in Jupiter IV, as they vie for Helen’s affection.

For action, romance, and adventure, all liberally seasoned with science, this is the story for you. This book is available at both Amazon and Smashwords.

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