Zachary Dixon: Officer Apprentice

Zachary Dixon Officer Apprentice

During a year serving as an officer apprentice on Lodestar, the flagship of the fleet, Zack Dixon learns how to be a ships officer while traveling to a dozen star systems. Join Zack as he meets many new challenges and dangers; and finally solves the mystery surrounding the disappearance of 20thcentury aviation tycoon, Titus Andronicus Scott. Written in the form of a personal memoir and set in the early 22ndcentury on the same timeline as the other Alien Artifact books, this a standalone novel. One need not have read the other books to enjoy the story. If you like action, adventure, and romance, all seasoned with a little science, this is a tale for you.

Illustrated by Christianne Benedict this book is now available at Amazon in both Kindle and paperback versions.

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